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Ber Oomen
Ber OomenBoard memberEuropean Public Health Alliance & ESNO

Ber Oomen

Mr. Ber Oomen is the Executive Director of ESNO, where he manages the European Association of Specialist Nurses in Brussels and engages on high priority health issues like AMR and vaccinations. In addition, Ber works a few days a week as a senior clinical nurse at the Propersona hospital in the Netherlands.

Four year ago, Ber was invited by the European Commission to join events related to vaccines and to engage with healthcare professionals. Not long after, he became the vaccines spokesman for Specialist Nurses in Europe. Currently, he is the project leader for a group of seven nurse academics from a variety of health domains and countries creating an accessible guide on microbes, including vaccinations, AMR, and infection control. The guide will be launched in April 2020, and they aim to publish it in all EU languages.

Ber is also a member of the European Coalition on Vaccination, the steering group on the Influenza Manifesto, and the advisory team of the Influenza Foundation in the Netherlands. He is also a patron of the Polish Influenza campaign, and a participant of the EU-WHO Global summit on Vaccination 2019.

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