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Julia Tainijoki-Seyer
Dr. Julia Tainijoki-SeyerMedical AdvisorWMA

Dr. Julia Tainijoki-Seyer

Dr. Julia Tainijoki-Seyer manages a variety of strategic projects at the World Medical Association ranging from infectious and non-communicable diseases to strengthening health systems, patient safety, access to quality-assured medicines and the social determinants of health.

As well as serving as the WMA representative to UN organisations, including the WHO, she staffs the WMA Medical Ethics Committee and currently heads the secretariat of the World Health Professions Alliance.

Julia is a family physician by training, who has practiced in Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland and has a Master’s in International Health Economy and Policy from the University of Bocconi in Milan, Italy.

No more flu

Millions of people catch the flu every year. Worldwide it attacks up to one in ten adults and twice as many children.

Asthma + Flu? A risky mix

The flu is dangerous for asthma patients. Their already weakened immune systems mean they’re more likely to experience severe complications with the flu.

65+ Adults

Flu is more than just a cold – especially for over 65s. Take some simple steps to avoid the risk of complications.

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