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Morgane De Pol
Morgane De PolDeputy Director, CommunicationsIFPMA

Morgane De Pol

Mrs. De Pol is the Deputy Director of Communications of the IFPMA, she develops and implements public affairs programs that build trust, dialogue and collaboration between the innovative biopharmaceutical industry and other global players in the health community.

Mrs. De Pol works in the Innovation Team of IFPMA and is responsible for building relationships, platforms and alliances with public health, business, and academic stakeholders to advocate, support and better understand the global biopharmaceutical industry’s critical contribution to public health through the research, development and availability of medicines and vaccines for patient needs worldwide. She also leverages and profiles industry’s collaborations which use innovative approaches to tackle global health challenges.

Morgane has international experience in developing and rolling-out integrated advocacy and communications strategies in the global health sector, with specific focus on institutional communications, media relations, alliance building and event management.

Morgane holds a master’s degree in Languages and Literature from the University of Geneva and a post-graduate degree in Special Events Communication from the Advancia School in Paris.

No more flu

Millions of people catch the flu every year. Worldwide it attacks up to one in ten adults and twice as many children.

Asthma + Flu? A risky mix

The flu is dangerous for asthma patients. Their already weakened immune systems mean they’re more likely to experience severe complications with the flu.

65+ Adults

Flu is more than just a cold – especially for over 65s. Take some simple steps to avoid the risk of complications.

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