What we’re doing

Our purpose

The Influenza Hub is at the heart of flu prevention. We are committed to using modern communication channels such as social media to reach out to the specific groups particularly at risk from flu and provide information targeting their interests and needs. We will offer them a platform where they can discuss infection, health and the role of flu prevention across geographies and languages.

Explore our website to find out more about the flu and what you can do to help prevent the unnecessary suffering it causes. We hope you will be inspired to join our initiative!


The Influenza Hub is managed by three boards, each with a different responsibility:

Editorial board
Experts from the medical profession, academia and relevant organizations that manage the site content and design the editorial calendar. They determine the editorial calendar and decide content sources and responses.

Executive board
Key decision makers that manage the editorial process and coordinate the input of the advisory and editorial boards. These strategic experts from ZN build the online presence of the initiative and run campaigns while taking into account the boards’ feedback & recommendations.

Companies and partners that support the initiative financially.

Operating principles

Flexibility to achieve a broad support partnership with key organizations among academia, institutions and industry.

Transparency to ensure financial integrity, clarity about funding for the project and legal certainty for partners. Focus on achieving the project’s primary goals of increasing awareness on flu prevention in order to achieve the WHO target of immunising 75% of the elderly against seasonal influenza(1) and raising rates of influenza immunisation through constant coordination between the three boards and comprehensive reporting of activities.

Our editorial board members

Ber Oomen
Ber OomenBoard memberEuropean Public Health Alliance & ESNO
Morgane De Pol
Morgane De PolDeputy Director, CommunicationsIFPMA
David Sinclair
Dr. Prof. David SinclairAgeing & Genetics specialistInternational Longevity Centre – UK
Dr Ted van Essen
Dr. Ted van EssenGeneral Practitioner
Téa Collins
Julia Tainijoki-Seyer
Bram Palache
Dr. Bram PalacheInfluenza Vaccine ScientistFluPal Consultancy B.V.
Paula Barbosa
Paula BarbosaVaccines Policy ManagerIFPMA

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